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MOHS Histotechnician

MOHS Histotechnician

US-IN-South Bend
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Main Campus
Variable Monday-Friday 6:30am- 5:00 pm
1.0 (80 Hours)

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POSITION: MOHS Histotechnician


POSITION SUMMARY:  Performs frozen tissue preparation for review by dermatologist for MOHS surgeries. Is responsible for the routine maintenance of the cryostat. Operates autoclave and maintains surgical supplies. Responsible for patient reception and the procurement, proper handling and processing of specimens for laboratory analyses.  Performs laboratory order entry, information processing and specimen collection instructions.




a.   Operates the cryostat and the autoclave proficiently and efficiently consistent with training objectives. This includes following all procedures for operation, safety, and maintenance.
b.   Correctly labels, prepares and stains tissue slides for dermatologist review.
c.   Maintains supply closet and inventories supplies for primary care and dermatology.
d.   Demonstrates expertise in all aspects of blood and specimen procurement, including venipuncture, finger sticks specimen collection instructions and other procedures as required.
e.   Autoclaves all surgical equipment for primary and dermatology
f.    Correctly labels specimens and ensures the positive identification of patient identity and laboratory specimens.
g.   Follows procedures for specimen handling and processing to ensure correct specimen integrity. Identifies, resolves, and documents all problems with specimen integrity
h.   Adheres to all safety regulations, including the use of personal protective devices and safety procedures when dealing with bio-hazardous materials.
i.    Proficient and efficient in all aspects of laboratory order entry processes, including patient registration, insurance verification, and ordering of tests. Pulls in-house laboratory orders one week in advance.
j.    Pays attention to details, makes minimal mistakes. Identifies, resolves, and follows up on all problems that arise.
k.   Take initiative to seek out and perform other tasks and duties or to assist others as necessary.
l.    Volunteers and consistently accomplishes other tasks/projects/responsibilities as assigned in a timely manner consistent with expectations.
m.  Exhibits computer systems knowledge and proficiency as necessary to perform job functions.
n.   Demonstrates the attitudes and behaviors of The South Bend Clinic Service Standards.
o.   Performs other duties as assigned when appropriate.
p.   Adheres to HIPAA guidelines set forth in Clinic policies and procedures.



Histotech certification is preferred.


Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:
Must possess excellent customer service skills, good organizational skills, and pay attention to detail. In addition, must be able to prioritize work and be a team player.


Special Demands/Requirements: