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Medical Technologist

Medical Technologist

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As needed, Monday-Friday between the hours of 7:30am-7:00pm and 8am - Noon on Saturdays
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POSITION:  Medical Technologist


POSITION SUMMARY: Performs routine and special laboratory assays of patient specimens, exercising independent judgment when evaluating the validity of test results prior to result reporting. Operates and calibrates all equipment in the areas of specialization, evaluates the validity of laboratory data, records test results, communicates with physicians, pathologists, and nursing staff regarding test procedures and results.



  1. Demonstrates expertise in all aspects of blood and specimen procurement, including venipuncture finger stick and other procedures as required.
  2. Proficient and efficient in all aspects of laboratory order entry processes, including patient registration, insurance verification, and ordering of tests.
  3. Follows procedures for specimen handling and processing to ensure correct specimen integrity. Identifies, resolves, and documents all problems with specimen integrity.
  4. Adheres to all safety regulations, including the use of personal protective devices and safety procedures when dealing with bio-hazardous materials.
  5. Independently operates assigned work areas and instruments proficiently and efficiently consistent with training objectives.       This includes following all procedures for operation, quality control, result reporting, and maintenance.
  6. Pays attention to details and produces high quality results on assigned benches and takes appropriate actions for any outliers or special circumstances.
  7. Frequently reviews and documents QC for assigned area(s) (if applicable). Takes appropriate actions to ensure that discrepant QC issues are resolved quickly and effectively.
  8. Actively participates in the development and implementation of laboratory Quality Assurance initiatives.
  9. Exhibits a high level of judgment and expertise in given area(s) of the laboratory so that problems are identified and resolved effectively. Management is notified and kept abreast of any ongoing issues.
  10. Fosters a team environment by recognizing and taking appropriate steps to adjust scheduled work area to assist in areas that require additional support.
  11. Proactively identifies and notifies supervisor of potential operational improvements that will enhance the efficiency and delivery of laboratory services.
  12. Accomplishes assigned tasks/projects/responsibilities in timely manner consistent with expectations.
  13. Demonstrates a high level of professional and leadership skills. Uses these to assist and support coworkers.
  14. Assists in staff training and development when required.
  15. Provides coverage as MOHS Tech. as required.
  16. Exhibits computer systems knowledge and proficiency as necessary to perform job functions.
  17. Demonstrates the attitudes and behaviors of The South Bend Clinic Service Standards.
  18. Performs other duties as assigned when appropriate.
  19. Adheres to HIPAA guidelines set forth in Clinic policies and procedures.



Bachelor’s Degree in Medical Technology. MT(ASCP) certification is required.